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What Are The Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes?

I’m a writer, performer, artist and comedian and I’ve been writing this newsletter for a little over two years. Once a week, I sit down and write about whatever has preoccupied me that week - something I’ve read or seen, a new project I’m working on, an idea I’m trying to turn over in my head to see where it leads. Over the years it’s opened up a number of really fruitful, fascinating, rewarding creative conversations with other amazing people around the world. I’d love you to join in the conversation!

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A weekly creative newsletter. The Tapes function as an interactive notebook/sketchpad exploring comedy, art, creativity, making stuff, etc.


Joz Norris

I'm a writer, performer and comic. I make comedy-theatre shows that explore interior worlds in abstract absurdist ways, and I make radio shows about what goes on in people's heads. I make films about any old daft nonsense.